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The Annual Club Membership fee is $25.00 per individual or $30.00 per family. We currently have a little over 50 active club members. Membership entitles you to attend all of the club meetings, as well as any club events such as the summer picnic, our rafting trip on the Delaware river and our annual Christmas party. We also schedule club boat dives during the year which require an additional fee for each trip. Every Member is required to fill out a Club Waiver for club-sponsored trips and boat dives.


The club holds a monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at the Spain Inn in Piscataway April through October. The meeting starts at 7:30pm and runs until about 9:30. Feel free to dine at the restaurant before the meeting. An impromptu pre-meeting dinner usually begins at approximately 6:20 pm. Guests and prospective members are always welcome.

The Spain Inn is located at 1707 West 7th Street in Piscataway and the Phone Number is 732-968-6800.

What occurs at the meeting:

Each month we have a guest speaker who enlightens us about some aspect of diving. Some of our past speakers have talked about the Bikini Atoll, Red Sea, Palau, Nova Scotia, Scapa Flow and Northeast Scuba Diving ie: the San Diego, Arundo and other local ship wrecks. We've also had an excellent presentation on the New Jersey Artificial Reef Project. In addition to a fine array of speakers we always make time to discuss recent diving events, scheduled boat dives, upcoming club get-togethers and of course dive trips. It is also a good place to meet other divers and trade big fish and lobster stories. We are a friendly bunch of diving fanatics. So check us out.

Club Contacts:

To Inquire about Membership: Contact Lisa Vesuvios: info@explorersdiveclub.org
To Submit Articles to
the Club Newsletter:
Contact Keith Bellamy: info@explorersdiveclub.org
To Submit Photos for the
website or to give suggestions:
Contact Tom Walsh: webmaster@explorersdiveclub.org